Our Team

"Together we are better." - unknown but it's true

A great bunch of people

Each and every one discovered yoga in an unique way. Our yoga teachers conduct charismatic classes without watering down the traditions they are coming from. They are all certified in at least one yoga style and gained further knowledge and specialization throughout the years.

  • Barblin
    Bikram Hotyoga; Kundalini
    When I did Bikram Yoga for the first time in 1999, I knew it would heal me. It did. It changed me and...
  • Caroline
    Hatha; Juicy Vinyasa; Core Power
    Dancing classical ballet was my heart & soul for over 17 years until I found my way via Pilates onto...
  • Doris
    Bikram Hotyoga; Juicy Yin; Kundalini
    YOGA is one of the oldest life philosophies and wisdoms that goes far beyond the physical Hatha Yoga...
  • Elina
    Anusara Yoga; Core Power; Juicy Yin; Juicy Vinyasa
    I am a certified yoga teacher, professional dancer and hold a qualification in cranio-sacral therapy....
  • Frederic
    Hatha; Juicy Yin; Body & Mind;
    The words from Rumi “whatever you are looking for is also looking for you” would perfectly describe...
  • Kara
    Subbing teacher: Bikram Hotyoga; Juicy Vinyasa, Juicy Yin, Core, Hatha
    As a hardcore runner, I was dragged to my first hatha yoga class by my insistent father circa 1999. It...
  • Manola
    Subbing teacher: Hatha; Core Power; Juicy Vinyasa; Juicy Yin
    Due to injury – from my volleyball career – I attended my first yoga class in 2012. What...
  • Martin
    Studio Owner. I hurt myself at a ski accident many years ago. Since then my lower back discs have been...
  • Megan
    Yoga Tune Up/Deep Release; Core Power; Juicy Vinyasa
    My goal as a teacher is to provide uplifting, nourishing and educational classes to assist my students...
  • Mel
    Bikram Hotyoga; Inferno Hot Pilates
    My sister gave me “Bikram’s Beginning Yoga Class” for my 37th birthday almost 10 years ago. 3 weeks...
  • Melanie
    Subbing teacher: Hatha; Juicy Vinyasa; Juicy Yin
    In 2013 I started my yoga career with a Teacher Training in Zurich and since then I have been diving...
  • Michèle
    Bikram Hotyoga
    Out of curiosity I visited my first Bikram class in summer 2011. It was quite exhausting however it made...
  • Nihal
    Bikram Hotyoga
    My dear friend took me to a Bikram Yoga class back in 2008. During class I wondered why anyone would...
  • Nica
    Subbing Teacher; Hatha; Juicy Vinyasa; Juicy Yin;
    How did yoga find me? Yoga has flashed up in my life every now and then, but I never really had time...
  • Pascale
    Subbing teacher: Juicy Yin; Juicy Vinyasa; Core Power
    My first contact with yoga was in my early twenties where i got totally hooked on Bikram and Vinyasa...
  • Purva
    Hatha; Juicy Vinyasa; Core Power; Body & Mind, Inferno Hot Pilates
    I was born and raised in the capital of India, Dehli. Yoga is a part of my culture and I got introduced...
  • Stefania
    Bikram Hotyoga; Core Power; Juicy Vinyasa; Hatha
    In my childhood I came into contact with meditation and pranayama, thanks to my teacher Selvarajan Yesudian....
  • Torsten
    Bikram Hotyoga; Juicy Yin; Body & Mind; Inferno Hot Pilates
    After having finished my dance career as a young person, I kept looking for the “perfect moment”,...
  • Vivek
    Bikram Hotyoga; Hatha;
    In a deep search of solutions to several problems life embraces me to a successful path to my journey...

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