Hatha; Juicy Vinyasa; Core Power; Body & Mind, Inferno Hot Pilates
SENTENCE: "The only lasting beauty is the beauty of the heart." Rumi
FOODD: Masala Dosa and everything which my mother cooks
BOOK: "The art of happiness" Bhagavad Gita
SONG: "Sur le fil" Yann Tiersen
WORD: Liideschaft
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I was born and raised in the capital of India, Dehli. Yoga is a part of my culture and I got introduced to it as I was growing up. At the age of 16, I started my journey in Yoga and classical ballet. After some years of training in India, I auditioned in Europe to advance my training in ballet and I found a school in Switzerland to do a three year diploma course to become a professional dancer and teacher.

Due to an injury in 2020, I had to take a break from ballet for a year. During this time, my interest in Yoga arose again and I went back home to India to do a certification in Yoga to become a teacher. While I was doing this Yoga course, I rediscovered my spiritual side and it brought me an immense joy and strength within myself.

Yoga made me learn the importance of being in the moment and through meditation my mind learnt the importance of stillness. I got into teaching Yoga to share my knowledge, which I have learned since I started Yoga as a teenager. As an Indian it gives me a great satisfaction to share a part of my culture. My classes are designed to focus on strength, flexibility and pranayama.

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