Q: I am not a Yogaholic, can I still join the classes?

Yogaholics United: Absolutely! You can join whether you like yoga as much as we do, or simply want to come for a stretch, workout, fresh juice or shop some cool yoga gear.

Q: Can children practice Bikram Hot yoga?

Yogaholics United: We are happy you want to get your kids signed up for yoga too. For kids between ages 5-10 we have the rainbow kids yoga classes. The Bikram Hot yoga classes can be attended once their sweat glands started working properly to make sure the body can cool itself down during class. This usually starts with the puberty process, which is different from child to child.

Q: Can I participate in the class as a beginner?

Yogaholics United: Absolutely. The classes are suitable for both beginners and advanced students alike. Our teachers are experienced to guide all levels.

Q: What if I am not flexible or out of shape?

Yogaholics United: You should definitely join our classes. Yoga is not about how fit and flexible you are. It is about what you learn on the way you reach more flexibility and strength. All that matters is that you show up on your mat, we help you with the rest. Be patient with your body and appreciate the hard work that you are doing to gain and restore your health and well-being.

Q: What if I cannot do all the postures?

Yogaholics United: Don’t worry if you may feel like you are unable to do all of the postures. You did not learn walking in one day right? Same with yoga, some postures are mastered very quickly some take longer. Yoga is a practice not a performance. Just try your best every time you step on your mat.

Q: What if I have past injuries

Yogaholics United: Please inform the instructor and the front desk before class if you have any injuries or other health concerns. You may still be able to do most yoga postures.

Q: I am pregnant, can I practice?

Yogaholics United: We do not recommend you practice Bikram Hot yoga in your first trimester of your pregnancy. If you had a regular practice before you became pregnant then we recommend you come back after your first trimester. It is important that you consult with your doctor. The teacher will help you how to modify the poses. Further we have great info material to make the safest practice possible.

Add link (http://www.bikramyogales.com/pregnancy-yoga-postures/ )

Q: Why is the room heated for Bikram Yoga?

Yogaholics United: Because it works!

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