Benefits of heated Yoga Classes

"The greatest wealth is Health." - unknown


What are the benefits of practicing yoga in the heat?

      • Increases your range of motion through heated muscles ligaments and joints. With more flexibility, it is possible to work deeper into the postures with a reduced risk of injury
      • Dilates your smallest capillaries in your body, helping to deliver oxygen and nutrients more efficiently through the body systems while flushing your tissues of toxins
      • Improves your metabolism by helping to break down glucose and fatty acids more efficiently
      • Stimulates your cardiovascular system
      • Boosts and strengthens your body’s immune system
      • The challenge of the heat creates an opportunity to exercise your patience, self-control, willpower, concentration and determination
      • Improves your circulation, especially to peripheral areas and the extremities
      • Detoxifies your body by the heat induced sweating process