New at YHU?

"It's never too late, its never too bad, and you are never too old or too sick to start from scratch once again." - Bishnu Ghosh

Are you new to the yoga world?

The best way to experience yoga is to simply try it. For our new students we have a special deal: The Yogaholics United trial pass (Schnupperabo) offers you 10 consecutive days of unlimited yoga. Come as often as you want to class, and experience the changes in your mind and body. You can buy the pass online or at the studio.

Our studio uses the software “Eversports”. We recommend to create an account prior to the first visit. Please the following links to register or log-in.  

For personal comfort the numbers of participants is limited. Always check the website/app and book online before attending a class might be fully booked, also changes to the schedule might occur. For further information about the schedule, your account and online booking, please click here.

What is important to know for your first class?

To get a complete overview of the terms and conditions, we recommend reading the GT&C! (The points below are also listed there for the most part as well)

  • All our classes are suitable for both beginners and advanced students alike.
  • The studio entrance door will be locked once class starts, therefore always be in time!
  • For your first time we recommend you arrive 15 minutes before class to register and get familiar with the facilities.
  • On your first visit you will be provided with a yoga mat, after that you can either buy or rent one.
Bring with you:
  • A yoga mat (for 2nd time only)
  • A small and a large towel (one for shower and one for class)
  • A bottle of still water (for the Bikram Hot yoga classes)
  • Light sport wear, e.g. shorts and T-shirt/Top
  • Water and yoga gear can also be purchased or rented at the studio
  • Breathe and have fun! You do all postures to the best of your ability and you will get 100 % of the benefit
  • Trust and listen to your teacher; with time, determination, willpower, self-control and patience it will all fall into place

Most important: Come back! Returning for a second class the next day is the best way to get rid of stiffness and soreness, build your understanding of yoga and gain inspiration to practice more

Tips & Tricks

Before class:
  • Drink at least one liter of water during the day before class.
  • Come on an empty stomach of at least two hours before class.
  • Tell your teacher if you have any injuries or other health concerns.
  • Inform your teacher in case you are pregnant.
During class:
  • Enter the yoga room and place your yoga mat down quietly.
  • If you place your mat in front of others, please ensure it is not obstructing others view of the mirror (for classes in studio room 2).
  • If you need to rest at any point sit down on your mat, breath, get back up whenever you feel ready– this is a life long journey.
  • Relax, have fun and enjoy the journey.
  • Keep breathing! Breathing can help you relax and can help you go deeper into the postures.