General Terms & Conditions

Introduction for new participants

  • Almost all of our courses are suitable for beginners and advanced students alike.
  • The studio entrance door is locked at the start of a class. It is the responsibility of the participant to arrive on time.
  • On the first visit, we recommend that the participant arrives at the studio 15 minutes before the class so that we can register the participant or answer any questions.
  • On the first visit, Yogaholics United will provide the participant with a yoga mat, on subsequent visits the participant can bring his own, buy or rent a mat per class.


  • A yoga mat (at least from the 2nd time)
  • A small and a large towel (one for showering and one for the class)
  • A bottle of still water (especially for the Bikram / Hot Yoga classes)
  • Light sportswear, e.g. shorts and T-shirt / top
  • Water and yoga equipment can also be purchased or hired at the studio



  • The participant should drink at least one litre of water during the day some time before the course
  • The participant should not eat large meals two hours before the course
  • The participant should inform the instructor/teacher of any injuries, restrictions/pregnancy or health problems.


  • The participant should enter the yoga room quietly and place their mat in such a way that the view in the mirror is not obstructed for other participants (for courses in studio room 2).
  • The aim of participation is training, fun and relaxation. Breathing is an important part of being able to relax and go deeper into the yoga postures.
  • The participant should trust and listen to the teacher in order to achieve their goals with determination, willpower, self-control and patience.
  • Classes at Yogaholics United are not competition/competitive sports orientated. The participant should perform exercises according to their ability/physical condition, challenging themselves if necessary but staying within personal limits to avoid injury.

Registration/Booking system

Yogaholics United uses the Eversports booking system. Each participant must register a personal/individual customer profile before taking part in a class. Bookings can only be made in the participant’s own name and a participant can only take part in a class once (multiple or group bookings are not possible).


  • Only participants with a valid abo or pass can make bookings.
  • If the participant does not yet have an abo or pass and would like to make a booking, they need an active customer profile. After registering, the participant can purchase a corresponding products for participation and book a class.
  • Bookings can usually be made up to one month in advance and cancelled no later than 1-6 hours before the start of the class (depending on the class).
  • If the desired class is fully booked, the participant can join a waiting list online. The participant will receive a message from the system when a place becomes available.
  • Cancellations by telephone or email cannot be considered.
  • In the event of late cancellations and no-shows, the class will be deducted from the pass without notification (see also conditions of participation). Participants with subscriptions who regularly reserve classes but do not turn up may lose the right to reserve certain classes.


  • Update profile/contact details
  • Check the class schedule
  • Book classes, workshops and events
  • Check expiration dates / validity / number of open time units
  • View the history of classes attended
  • Buy new abos / passes


Participants receive the opportunity to take part in public yoga classes at Yogaholics United by purchasing publicly offered products (including single entries, passes and subscriptions “abos”). However, the purchase excludes a guarantee of participation in specific classes, as the number of participants is limited and the possibility of participation depends on the number of available places per class.

Products for participation in public yoga classes at Yogaholics United (including single entries, passes or abos) are

  • personal and non-transferable.
  • binding in terms of duration and cannot be cancelled (prematurely).
  • valid in accordance with the terms and conditions on the day of purchase (subsequent changes to the terms and conditions do not apply retroactively to products already purchased, unless this is explicitly stated).

The respective conditions of the individual products are stored in the product descriptions and can later be viewed by the participant in the customer profile. The contractual conditions are also shown on the customer invoice.

The participant arrives punctually before the start of the class to allow sufficient time to change and prepare in the practice room. If the participant has not registered online in advance, participation cannot be guaranteed if, for example, the class is fully booked. In any case, additional time should be scheduled for check-in. At the beginning of the cancellation period (depending on the class, e.g. 1 hour before the start of the class), the right to participate (especially for single entries and passes) for this class is considered “used”, regardless of the actual use of the right to participate (e.g. in case of delay / prevention). Changes in the studio or teacher schedule by Yogaholics United can occur at any time and are not a reason for a refund.

The right to participate in public yoga classes does not entitle to participate in workshops, events, corporate yoga, private classes, etc. that may also be offered at Yogaholics United.

Participation with “HalloYoga”

Participants with a “HalloYoga” book must register in advance by email (, stating their name, email address, mobile phone number (per participant) and the desired date, and will receive a booking confirmation from Yogaholics United (by email and/or in Eversports) depending on availability. The “HalloYoga” book is not personalised, but agreed reservations are. Otherwise, the same conditions of participation apply as for other participants.

Participation with “MyClubs”

MyClubs participants may participate in accordance with the agreement with MyClubs, using their usual registration processes/booking options and published conditions there, which may differ from the conditions listed here. Booking data is transmitted electronically via interface. Yogaholics United has no access to customer contact details and cannot contact participants or make changes to bookings. The main contact for participants with MyClubs is usually MyClubs. Otherwise, the same conditions of participation apply as for other participants.

Participation with “Other”

Yogaholics United offers a variety of additional services, such as workshops/teacher trainings (3rd party event at Yogaholics United premises), corporate yoga, room hire etc. These events/services are usually subject to separate agreements and may differ from the points listed here.

Prices/participation fees

The prices / participation fees incl. VAT are valid and published as of the day of purchase (for products in the boutique and for products for participation in yoga classes).

Students, trainees, pensioners and the unemployed receive a 10% discount on the normal list price incl. VAT for admissions, passes and subscriptions (apart from trial abos and special (single) entries). A valid ID/proof of status must be presented. Discount campaigns are excluded from these reductions.

By paying the participation fees (e.g. single admissions, passes or abos), the purchaser agrees to the applicable conditions and contractual terms in full.

Paid but unused or only partially used single entries or passes are deemed to be “used” in the event of “no-shows”/”late cancellations” or “expire” after their period of validity (irrespective of the reason for “non-use”). There is no entitlement to a refund or extension of validity periods.


Professional/private absences, holidays, travel, unpunctuality, etc. are within the participant’s sphere of influence and do not entitle the participant to a “break” / extension of validity periods and there is no entitlement to a refund.

In the event of illness/accident (lasting more than one week) or pregnancy, current Yogaholics United subscriptions (including monthly, half-yearly or annual abos) can be paused by a maximum of 6 months for the duration of the absence. However, there is no entitlement to a refund. The illness/accident/pregnancy must be reported immediately in writing ( A medical certificate must be submitted in all cases.

Trial abos cannot be interrupted or extended under any circumstances. They are only valid for the specified duration.


Participation in classes at Yogaholics United is at the participant’s own risk. The participant is obliged to inform the instructors/teachers of any restrictions, injuries or complaints before the start of the class. Some yoga exercises are suitable for pregnant women, others are not, or only to a limited extent. The participant has the opportunity to discuss risks or alternative poses etc. with the instructor/teacher at any time.

Owners, partners, teachers or employees cannot be held responsible for injuries sustained (solely or partially) as a result of deviation from the instructions of the instructors/teachers, unguided execution of exercises (before, during or after the class) or due to non-communicated physical impairment (in writing).

Liability of Backbend GmbH and its employees is excluded in the event of accidents/injuries without willful misconduct.

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