Bikram Hotyoga; Kundalini
SENTENCE: "In this moment, the beauty of life unfolds."
FOOD: With pleasure, fresh and lovingly prepared. Shared it tastes twice as good.
BOOK: From bookworm to hardly any books and Bibles anymore.
SONG: "Jungle" – Tash Sultana
WORD: Self-empowerment
Get in Touch:

When I did Bikram Yoga for the first time in 1999, I knew it would heal me. It did. It changed me and my life completely. Happy, energetic, present and healthy I came back from the Teacher Training. From now on I was committed to share the blessing of yoga with all my strength and therefore founded the first Bikram Yoga School in Switzerland.

The arrival of my daughter dissolved the yoga family for a time, until my longing for the inner source led me to the in-depth study of metaphysics, Naam Yoga (which is characterized by sound work and a lot of breath work). I then opened a yoga school for that as well.

I learned and shared Shakti Naam, Shukshma Vyama, Naam Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, taught children and families and then the Absolute Hot series. Now I am very excited to be teaching Bikram Yoga again after a long time. This practice continues to be extremely powerful, grounding, challenging, deep and opening for me.

My classes are light hearted with a focus on consciously connecting body and breath. Body awareness, good grounding and self-love are themes that like to flow in with me, spoken or unspoken.

I look forward to meeting you soon in the here and now!

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