Bikram Hotyoga; Inferno Hot Pilates
SENTENCE: “If I’m shinin’ everybody gonna shine” - Lizzo
FOOD: Anything from The Happy Pear @thehappypear
BOOK: "The Mists of Avalon" - Marion Zimmer Bradley
SONG: "Baba O’Reilley" – The Who
WORD: Bumblebee
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My sister gave me “Bikram’s Beginning Yoga Class” for my 37th birthday almost 10 years ago. 3 weeks later, willing to try anything but not really thinking that this could be the antidote to my excruciating back pain, I hauled myself into a Bikram Hot Room for the first time and – I couldn’t believe it – I left pain free!

What almost 20 years of pain therapy, injections, physio, osteopathy, painkillers, acupuncture, you name it, couldn’t do, the Bikram Yoga series did it for me. I did my 26+2 Hot Yoga Teacher Training with Evolation Yoga in 2019 to get a deeper understanding of the series and then started Ayur Yoga Therapy Training with Remo Rittiner in 2020 because the therapeutic effects of Yoga Asana fascinate me! While the Bikram series is like my Yoga home, I do practice other styles of yoga and love that at Yogaholics we have so many different, wonderful Yoga Traditions under one roof. I am beyond excited to teach in this beautiful studio and if you have never done Bikram Yoga: YOU HAVE TO TRY IT! It’s the best thing you’ll ever do for yourself! Seriously! Take my word for it!

See you all in the hot room, Namaste my lovelies 💖

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