Bikram Hotyoga; Juicy Yin; Body & Mind; Inferno Hot Pilates
SENTENCE: "You must become the change you wish to see in the world." - Mahatma Gandhi
FOOD: Everything that was cooked with love.
BOOK: "Kids" - Patti Smith
SONG: "Move in the right direction" – Gossip
WORD: Love
Get in Touch:

After having finished my dance career as a young person, I kept looking for the “perfect moment”, trying to find it in running and other types of bodywork. Only yoga gave me that moment when everything was right -space, time and just be. Just as I found the yang in hot yoga, the yin in yin yoga, it was only logical for me besides practicing to learn to teach and to pass on what I have learned:
We are all students and we are all teachers.

And if I manage, with me as with the practitioners, to transport the principles of a yoga practice -first the perception, in the second step the balance, in the third step the transition and development- beyond the practice into everyday life, then that’s it what makes me a satisfied person.

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