Bikram Hotyoga; Juicy Yin
SENTENCE: "Keep up – and you’ll be kept up" by Yogi B.
FOOD: Thai vegetarisch
BOOK: "Das Felsenkloster" - Ti Tonisa Lama
SONG: "Rakhay Rakhanahaar" – Snatam Kaur
WORD: Faszination
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YOGA is one of the oldest life philosophies and wisdoms that goes far beyond the physical Hatha Yoga styles…nonetheless is the latter just very important to maintain good physical health..

Hatha Yoga i have started to practice with 17 years of age. Over the years I have coincidentally discovered Hot Yoga in Australia and was immediately fond of it as of being so simple and yet so challenging…
After 6 years practicing it on a regular base I have decided in 2013 to participate and undertake the certified teachers training of Bikram Hot Yoga in Los Angeles. Since I have been teaching it in Switzerland as well as other countries in the world. Moreover championships have been fascinating me since.

With Yin Yoga I have discovered that kind of yoga which immediately lets time and space be a background issue and therefore helps tremendously to arrive in the very moment, which is so relevant in Yoga.
Although those two styles of Hatha Yoga are pretty different they do have one thing in common: they intensify the reception of your own physical body and its correlations to your health and help you build your awareness. That is fascinating to me.

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