Core Power; Juicy Vinyasa,
SENTENCE: "Whatever people think of me is none of my business." - RuPaul Charles
FOOD: Chocolate
BOOK: “Normal People” - Sally Rooney
SONG: “Going to California” - Led Zepplin
WORD: Love
Get in Touch:

I took my first yoga class as a freshman in university (in the US). I was about 17 years old, and more than that in years ago! I instantly loved how it made me feel good in my own body. 🙂 This is the same reason I teach, I want others to share this love and feel good too! No stress or pressure – enjoyment is the aim.

My classes share my light-hearted and laid-back Californian attitude, being set to motivating music with a focus on breath, body awareness and meditative intention.

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