Massage Therapy

"Relaxation is the key to success" - Joseph Murphy

#Silent Session – Massage

Each massage is its own experiential journey, a passive being moved in silence. Each journey is a unique creation of targeted and intuitive touches, self-made oil blends and sounds. In all massages I use my own fragrance creations based on natural oils. The essential oils are absorbed through the lymbic system and have the ability to balance emotions.

After a short introductory talk, we will dive into the deep relaxation with the application of your choice.



Corinne Deuber:

As a trained druggist, I am very interested in the holistic approach and the interrelated conception of man and his health. Because I felt how important these elements are, I deepened my knowledge of movement, touch, breath, massage, herbal medicine and natural remedies.

Through a prolonged illness I found a completely new understanding and perception of my own body, its inner and outer world. Working with my body in movement and touch, in yoga, dance and massage allowed me to understand the language of my body in a playful and experimental way I learned to use my own sensitivity and to connect with others without losing myself. In this way I experienced myself in different situations in a different way again and again and began to understand that we are in constant change and transformation and can always find ourselves anew. This realization gave me a feeling of inner freedom, contentment and serenity. I want to share my joy for change and curiosity for life in my work with movement and touch. Therefore I offer experiential journeys in the form of massages and various workshops.


60 min / 110 – 130 CHF
90min / 140 – 160 CHF

Payment in Cash or TWINT, when onsite, credit card or PayPal when booking on


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Massage Therapies are wellness for your body and soul offered as a service of Corinne Deuber. Yogaholics United does not take liability, book appointments or change existing appointments.