Copper Bottles

Not all copper is made into pennies.

Sustainability and health have always been important for us. Our aim is to reduce plastic waste as much as possible and we therefore re-modeled the entrance to offer fresh tab water for free. Additionally we found a great water bottle for you that offers not only tremendous health benefits, but also supports a good cause and is run by a non-profit organisation. We are happy to have partnered up with copperH2o.

Drinking water stored in a copper water bottle has amazing health benefits and is widely recommended by health experts. Water stored in a copper vessel (which is known as “tamra jal” in Ayurvedic medicine) balances your body by gently infusing the water with the positive health properties of copper. Water stored in a copper vessel will also become naturally alkaline water, which helps balance your body’s pH levels.

Studies have shown that copper is anti-bacterial, acts as an effective anti-oxidant, improves immunity, supports good health, prevents aging, eliminates toxins and free radicals, and stimulates the brain. The water bottles are perfect for everyone and ideal for those with an active lifestyle.

Top ten reasons why drinking from a copper water bottle can change your life:

1. Smooth Operator! (Improves the Digestive System)

Drinking from a copper water bottle is very beneficial to the digestive system. It flushes out the stomach and digestive tract and helps detox the liver and kidneys. It also increases the absorption of nutrients from food and helps encourage peristalsis, Drinking from our copper vessels also helps kill harmful bacteria and prevent an upset stomach.

2. Sneeze No More! (Builds a Strong Immune System)

Copper is well-known for its incredible anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties. Copper is especially effective against E. coli and S.aureus, two bacteria that are commonly found in our environment and are known to cause severe illnesses in the human body. In fact, recent studies have shown that storing water in a copper vessel will dramatically decrease the risk of bacterial contamination.

3. Hot Body (Supports Weight Loss)

Drinking from a copper water bottle will help your body break down fat and eliminate it as efficiently as possible. Combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise and yoga, drinking from a copper vessel can be a safe and all-natural way to maintain a healthy weight.

4. Hey Babe! (Prevents Aging)

Drinking from a copper water bottle can also dramatically decrease the appearance of fine lines and slow the appearance of aging. Water stored in a copper vessel is loaded with anti-oxidants, aids the production of new skin cells, and fights off free radicals which contribute to the appearance of aging.

5. Makes Your Heart Beat Strong! (Maintains Cardiovascular Health)

Copper helps minimize the risk of developing heart disease, helps regulate blood pressure, and lowers cholesterol levels. Copper also helps prevent the build-up of plaque in the arteries and dilates blood vessels to allow better flow of blood to the heart.

6. Less Mood Swings Please (Supports the Thyroid Gland)

Copper cannot be produced within the body and needs to be sourced from external sources. Studies have shown that people that experience problems with their thyroid generally suffer from low levels of copper. While copper deficiency is most common with people that suffer from hyperthyroidism (over-active thyroid gland), copper deficiency is also common with people that experience hypothyroidism (under-active thyroid gland). Copper is one of the most important minerals and is essential in order for your thyroid gland and body to function properly. Drinking from a copper water bottle helps combat copper deficiency and regulate the proper functioning of your thyroid gland. In addition, copper aids the body’s absorption of iron, which is essential to maintain healthy iron levels and prevent anemia.

7. Faster Brain At Work – More Time For Yoga! (Stimulates the Brain)

Copper is a known brain stimulant and helps your mind work faster and more efficiently. The brain works by transmitting impulses from one neuron to another through an area known as the synapses. These neurons are covered by the myelin sheath that acts like a sort of conductive agent. Copper aids in the synthesis of materials that are essential for the formation of these myelin sheaths.

8. Less Ouch! (Fights Arthritis and Inflamed Joints)

Copper’s anti-inflammatory properties help relieve aches and pains caused by arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and inflamed joints. In addition, copper strengthens the bones and immune system, which makes it an excellent remedy for arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

9. Glow! (Keeps Skin Healthy and Acne Free)

Copper is the key component in the production of new cells that help replenish the top layers of your skin and keep it fresh and glowing. The production of new cells promotes smooth, blemish-free and clear skin. Experts say that drinking from a copper water bottle on a regular basis, especially early in the morning, can make a very significant difference to the health of your skin.

10. Last But Not Least …

The copper bottles are all handmade out of one single sheet of pure copper and LOVE. A Love you can not only taste but also gives back. The company, Copper H2O behind this project is a non-profit organisation and donates 15 % to charity.