Yoga Retreat

by Yogaholics United

Yogaholics United Retreat

Experience one week full of yoga, amazing food and great company. Immerse yourself into the traditional tantra hatha yoga. Asana, Pranayama, Kriya meditation and Yoga Nidra will be taught and will leave you with clarity for the mind, an open heart and a strong spine. As much as we will look at the energetics we’ll also spend time for proper alignment and what mindset to bring to class in order to maximize your benefits, not only on the yoga mat but also off the yoga mat. The daily yoga classes will leave you feeling strong yet balanced and grounded. There will be enough time to just play or rest.  Amazing food will nourish you from the inside out, and the incredible surrounding will make you feel just like at home.

Let’s soak up the last days of Summer 2019, and return refreshed and grounded into the fall season back home.

Accommodation & Food

We are currently searching for a new location in the southern part of Europe (e.g. Italy, Spain, Portugal, Turkey). We are always organizing a place which serves fresh local food with vegan options.

Facts & Price

In September 2019

 Max. 16 participants

English & German

Retreat package price per person:

  • Usually in the range of CHF 1’400.- to 1’700.- depending on room option
  • It includes 7 nights yoga / food / airport transfers



If you are interested please send an email to



Karin Circelli-Zemp: My yoga journey started over 10 year ago, when I found myself in a Bikramyoga class, knowing immediately to want to teach this method as well. After my Bikramyoga Training I wanted to learn more and so I studied by myself and then eventually ended up in a classical  200 hrs Hatha yoga asana training, honestly struggled through a 50hrs backhanding training, and floated through a Yin training (bumpy float in the beginning, but it ended in a very smooth ride). My attention to detail derives from my own struggle and injuries I suffered when I started practicing. Attention to detail and an ability to read people’s body is my strength. I consider myself spontaneous as each and every moment evolves. They say I have a natural ability to explain the way to move, breath or sense things that will help you to further develop your practice, not only on a physical but also on a mental level. Knowing that Asana is just a small part of yoga, I continuously study and immerse myself in the Tantric Hatha Yoga philosophy & practices to become of better service for my students. After years of searching for an authentic and true yoga teacher in the yoga jungle, I finally found my teacher Octavio Salvado, who continues to teach and guide me through my journey.

Marco Circelli: Over 12 years ago my wife asked me if I wanted to try  “yoga”. Skeptical I agreed and ever since then I practice yoga.  We both started with Bikram Hotyoga and soon after that I tried different yoga styles knowing there is more: Ashtanga, Yin Yoga, Hatha, Vinyasa etc. It never got easier but I got a little better every time. Not only on a physical level but also on a mental level I fell in love with the practice.
Still now after all this years yoga remains hard work for me on every level. It does not only improve my posture but also my breathing and therefore concentration and focus. Yoga helps me to be more patient and supports my rather stiff body. Mid-2015, I completed the Kids Yoga Teacher Training with Cayetano Rodenas in London. Teaching children yoga packaged in a playful way is not only great fun for me but also helps the kids to be more focused. Shortly after that, I completed the 200 hours Hatha Yoga asana training and just recently immersed myself into 200hrs of  traditional tantric Hatha yoga practices which I love teaching now.