You Me Beyoncé

I know, I know… The number one excuse for anything – is TIME …or rather not having enough time. But we (you, me, Beyoncé) get the same amount of time every day. The question is how wisely do we use it…

Nowadays we are better connected through modern technology than ever before. But how connected are we really? Let’s be honest, it is so easy to hit a “like”, “buy now” or “interested” button. But does it set an intention? Does it make a real connection? Does it spark a fire that eventually leads to a real commitment? In other words what about that new fancy yoga mat that is still rolled up in the corner and has not seen one drop of sweat yet? What about those new running shoes you ordered online… have you taken them for a run yet? Please don’t get me wrong. I honor all good intensions, social media and all the fast technology as they can inspire us in so many ways and on so many different levels. BUT an inspiration stays just an inspiration if you don’t add any action with a real commitment to it.

Hopefully we can push your intensions a bit further to make you start and really commit. Commit to what? To yourself. Your goal does not care if it is raining or not. Your dream is not just waiting around the corner. Your wishes certainly don’t get fulfilled by quietly sitting, waiting and wishing. All it takes is your willingness to try and your commitment. Nope there is no trick involved, just your choice to act! So what is it going to be? Taking your new sneakers for a run? Going to that event you said you would? Rolling out the yoga mat to find some calm?