Yogaholics United

Have you ever wondered about our name? Just cool? Or is there more behind it? When you open a new yoga studio, or start any new business, you surely need a catchy name so people get curious about it, remember it, or even better, identify with it.

All of us at Yogaholics United are extremely happy to have found yoga, or maybe yoga has found us… we are not sure about it 😉

It is said, that a yoga practitioner becomes a teacher because the love for yoga has become so much that the need to share it with others is the most natural best thing to do. However you become a studio owner not just because you do love teaching and sharing, but also because you want to create a community. And that is what Yogaholics United stands for.

Community to us means a group of great people (YES, YOU) supporting each other by doing what they love. Nothing more, nothing less, and our thing happens to be yoga. And in a way yoga is everything and everything is yoga.

How you talk, or walk, the way you try, and how you struggle, how you fall, the way you cry and laugh, but most importantly, how you always stand up again to give it another shot, because a) you can b ) you can c) you can d) if you can, you must.


We believe strongly in #TogetherWeAreBetter rather than my yoga is better than your yoga. Of course we all have our preferences, but same goes for music or food taste, right?
It is a personal opinion. Nothing more – nothing less.
Same goes for yoga. There are many different traditions and we want to worship each and every one of them, by keeping them real and as (they are) meant to be.

When you take different types of classes, it can be at times overwhelming because in each one of them you learn something new. But we advise you not to mix the styles in the same class. Keep it simple and pure, so you can get maximum benefit out of your yoga practice, otherwise what is the point in offering different classes anyways? As we said in our earlier newsletter, yoga starts with listening: to the instructions, to your own breath and to your heart (big difference, not that voice talking in your head, especially not on lazy days ;))


The name Yogaholics United also shows our love and respect for these ancient traditions, that have changed many spines and lives throughout those years.

Everybody has a story about why he/she started yoga… Just for fun, as a work out, pain management, recovering injuries, as a spiritual practice …you name it, there is 1000+1 good reasons to start yoga.

Never forget that the physical practice of yoga is also a great way to develop tools for your mind as well. It involves many qualities that serve you off the mat as well:

For yourself and the teacher and the traditions that are taught in class

To show up, to be on time, to do the work, basically to make it happen

To support your discipline, once you have made up your mind 🙂

Not to give up when it is getting a little harder, or uncomfortable

To develop lots of mental strength through your yoga practice. The moment you think of coming out of the posture is usually when you really start to develop more strength to access your limitless potential – give it a try!

To commit to a regular practice, again and again and again (not just right before bikini season)

ugh… yeah… we all need a lot more of that, don’t we?

good & honest intensions get you anywherein anything that you do, promised, because you always get out of it what you put in it… and if it takes longer go back to #7Patience


All the above qualities can be developed or made stronger during a yoga class.
– if you want to – as always your choice.
As a community we want to support each other in every way we can. There is simply no miracle cure for anything but your own honest, constant work.