Trust your process

That’s easier said than done. I have heard the saying “Trust the process” countless times. And that’s exactly the number of times; I’ve rolled my eyes. Somehow it has always sounded kind of corny to me. On top of that, I happened to be told this phrase usually in the most inconvenient moments. Namely when I wanted to hear it the very least. Nevertheless I eventually gave it a thought, and I have to say.:

“There is somthing to it!”

But I don’t want to stumble through life without a plan and without own effort, screaming “Trust the process”, whenever something doesn’t work out or gets a bit difficult. This sentence does not mean, you should do nothing and to let life plod along. On the contrary!

Self-responsibility, initiative, dedication and passion are still the guarantors for the success of a project. And that is my point. It is not just any process, it is YOUR process – and that process is controlled by YOU. So set YOUR goals, reach for YOUR stars and realize YOUR dreams. Whether they are small ones or big ones. They are YOUR goals – and they are important.

When the going gets tough, always keep in mind, that there is probably something for you to learn, so that your process gets started. And should it ever get so difficult, that it is hard to stand, this exercise will help you: Bhramari (Sansrit. भ्रामरी Bhramari means literally Bee Breathing)


Sit down or lie comfortably

Best in a place where you feel comfortable and you are not likely to be disturbed for the next few minutes.

Close your eyes and your mouth

Inhale through the nose

Make a little snoring noise while inhaling. Much like a humming bumblebee.

Stop for a moment

Exhale through your nose

And buzz like a bee while exhaling

Repeat this 10 x

This little humming meditation calms your nervous system and makes you think more clearly, in order to plan your next step and to push your process further.

Trust YOUR process! ☺