Sandra Schoenenberger

Sandra Schoenenberger
Certified in:
Bikram Hot Yoga; Juicy Hatha
SENTENCE: "The word 'yoga' means union. union means you begin to experience the universality of who you are." - Sadhguru
FOOD: South indian vegetarian
BOOK: "A Fine Balance" - Rohinton Mistry
SONG: "Nothing's Impossible" - Depeche Mode
WORD: Auspicious
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Looking back, yoga has long been a part of my life. Sometimes I am more aware of it than others but then it became my constant companion – an integral part of every day.

Practicing yoga in a secure environment of a studio is only one aspect. I love yoga. The practice challenges me, makes me focus, strengthens and relaxes me. I learn patience, to listen attentively and to love – unconditionally.

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