Maja Klemm Pitsch

Maja Klemm Pitsch
Certified in:
Ashtanga Half Primary
SENTENCE: Frieden beginnt damit, dass jeder von uns sich jeden Tag um seinen Körper und seinen Geist kümmert – Thich Nhat Hanh
FOOD: Asian cooking
BOOK: "Die Analphabetin, die rechnen konnte" – Jonas Jonasson
SONG: "You don’t have a Clue" - Röyksopp
SORD: inspired
Get in Touch:

Even as a child I was very supple and often watched TV with my feet wrapped around my neck. We just tested what our bodies were capable of and had great fun doing it. But, as far as I was concerned, movement was compellingly tied to music. Group fitness and dancing, which had absolutely fulfilled me in the past, were loud and exciting. My life was loud and exciting and I nearly stayed well clear of yoga, as yoga was so very different to anything I knew up until then. But, just by chance, I was dragged to a yoga retreat in the Bernese Overland held by Ali Dashti and Kate Beck. And that is where I encountered this carefree joyous feeling again which I had experienced as a child – bending in the most seemingly impossible positions. It was yoga that finally challenged me physically to such an extent, that I stayed with it. It put me in touch with my inner self: The road took me from Iyengar – and pregnancy yoga – and led to Bikram Yoga in 2010.

Two championships, a Kids Yoga Teacher Training with Cayetana Rodenas and some workshops later I felt that I was at last ready to take up the challenge of Hatha Yoga Teacher Training at Master Dev Kapil.
Even professionally, teaching has been part of my life for 20 years. This made the transition to yoga lessons easy. As a primary school teacher I am constantly challenged to give my all, and beyond. I incorporate yoga as a part of my class and experience time and time again how yoga makes the children more cheerful, brighter and more tolerant. I enjoy humor in lessons coupled with clarity and presence.

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