Time alone is not enough

Time alone is not enough – Time alone does not heal!
There is no miracle cure for anything! There I said it…

It all involves work whether you like it or not. Things don’t just happen. Your body has a gazillion little processes in order to keep you breathing, thinking, walking, talking and all the other stuff you do on a daily basis.

When you were born, you couldn’t walk or talk. Nature made sure you took your first big inhale after you got that initial clap on your butt and oh boy (girls too) you could scream: for food, love anything really that would keep you safe and alive, but your body had to work for it in order for something to happen.

Eventually you started your discovery process, and again you did not learn how to walk in just one day. But you managed it. You fell many times (thank God for the pampers that made falling a bit softer) – but more important: you always got up again.

Nowadays we want to learn everything as fast as possible and with as little effort as possible. And if it does not happen fast, or we cannot do it – it sucks – big time.
Sitting, waiting, wishing will not get you anywhere and certainly time alone does not either.
You always have to involve YOURSELF in the process. Whether you want to become stronger, more flexible, calmer, healthier, happier anything really is in YOUR hands.

You have to show up for YOUR life that you desire, you have to act to fulfill your dream you have to do the work, it is you making up your mind, you decide!
In other words at any given moment you have the power of choice – YOUR choice.

So choose wisely, dear yogi, and don’t give up so fast.
You are everything wonderful in this world, with unlimited potential – BUT you have to be willing to work for it.
And honestly in the end, it is not even about the outcome or the goal or dream itself. It is about what you learn on the way there, the people you meet and the fun you have, the struggles and the laughs – that’s where usually the magic unfolds while you are in the middle of doing things.

Just the way you learned walking, the process was a big deal (ask your parents for that famous video, picture or memory!) Now that you know how to walk, nobody really talks about it anymore, right? You simply walk with ease.

And that, dear friend really IS the secret of all things. You gotta do the work – yes and the struggle is real in the beginning, but once you become better and better it will eventually look effortless. In other words: “sthira sukham asanam”
So keep practicing! It will not get easier, but you will get better:)

See you on the mat