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The studio changed to the new business system “Eversport”. For further information about the registration and your account, please click here.

Update on the decision of 17.12.2021: According to the publication of the BAG and the Swiss Yoga Federation, stricter measures have to be introduced for all indoor activities from 20.12.2021.

This means, from 20.12.2021 the rule 2G+ will apply for all classes at Yogaholics United. Only vaccinated and recovered persons are allowed who must also show a negative test result (2G+). Persons whose complete vaccination, booster vaccination or recovery was not longer than four months ago are exempt from the test obligation.

Wearing a mask on the mat is specifically obstructive for hot yoga and not in the spirit of the exercise. With the introduction of the 2G+ rule, we can continue to offer yoga without a mask on the mat so that you experience a positive (mask-free) feeling while practicing and the full effectiveness of the yoga practice can unfold in you.

The necessary documents (certificate / certificate & test) and validity dates will be checked at each check-in. You can also have the data stored in our system by our staff. Without the valid documents we unfortunately have to send you back home.

Important note: Due to strict measures and the development of the situation at the start of the year, we might need to cancel certain classes short term. Please always register online before arrival at the studio, so we can inform you about any possible change.

If you would like to support us during this difficult time and make a gift, you have the opportunity to donate HERE. Support your local Yoga Studio! Scan the QR code or follow the link to make a donation.

We thank everyone, who supports our studio in these difficult times!