You can't describe the value of Yoga, you have to experience... - B.K.S. Iyengar

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If you already have a valid abo or pass and you buy a new one now, the new abo or pass will only start when you start to use it. If you are new to Yogaholics…




Students, apprentices, retirees and unemployed persons receive a 10% discount on all entries, passes and abos, except trial pass. A valid document of identification must be presented. All special promotion don’t get special discounts.


Yogaholics United can at any time make changes to the studio or the instructor timetable. This does not substantiate any grounds for a refund.


Yogaholics United passes are personal and non-transferable. Subscriptions and passes cannot be terminated. The fees for Yogaholics United passes are not refunded. The term of the subscriptions and passes is binding. Paid, but not fully or only partially used subscriptions and passes expire on the last day of their validity. There is no entitlement to refund.

In case of illness, accident or pregnancy, 10-class packages, monthly, 3- and 12-months unlimited packages can be stopped for the duration of the absence. The illness/accident/pregnancy must be notified immediately to: hello(at) In all cases a doctor’s certificate is required.

Trial subscriptions can never be interrupted or extended. They are merely valid for the duration indicated.

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