Happiness & Responsibility

Happiness and responsibility: Two words that don’t seem to match together at all, and yet they do. In fact, they share a very close relationship. An important factor that often gets overlooked is, that you create your happiness. You and nobody else has the responsibility to live a truly happy life. The journey is very personal and a super bumpy ride at times. But that’s all part of the game.

Happiness is often confused with luck. However, these two words could not be more different. Luck is that one moment where place, time and circumstances are perfectly aligned and create that lucky moment. On the other hand, happiness is an ongoing inside job and is a work relationship with yourself. And just as happiness is confused with luck, slow is confused with lazy and energized is not the same as hyper, stressed or even busy… and hey busy does not mean more important either… – think about it!

We need to slow down in order to clear our perception. We need to connect with our true inner compass to know what direction to walk. Knowing your direction is one thing, walking the talk another, blaming your circumstances a whole different story…I’ve seen a lot of people who think they can have it all, without doing a thing for it. Sitting, waiting, wishing does not work. – sorry –

If you have found your true north, your passion, the path you want to follow, then walk confidently in that direction with honesty and integrity. Face all setbacks that might come along to fine-tune your compass – and keep going. Putting your responsibility into other people’s hands has never worked in shaping a successful future. YHU can’t make you happy either … only avocado can do that 🙂 But you have the power. It is your responsibility to make time for yoga, in order to tune in. It is your mindset that makes you go in either this or that direction. It is you making the decision and also deal with the consequences and the work that lies ahead of you. As teachers we can simply lend you a helping hand but the work remains with you.  We can only encourage you to never give up and to look inside (#itisbeautifulthere) !