Gratitude is the best attitude

Most of the time we focus more on what we don’t have or can’t do, rather then every once in a while sit still and be grateful for what we have accomplished so far. Too short, too tall, too slow, too this, too that, being truly happy is no peace of cake. Right? Even a yoga class sometimes turns into a destructive “omg will I ever be able to do this, see I told you you are not strong enough, not flexible enough blablabla”….

As we often say in class don’t listen to that little voice talking in your head, because it is not helping. For whatever reason the negative stuff seems to be more powerful or we tend to cling more to the negative things than the positive events in life. But here’s good news, with a little practice you can change this habit too.

Try this each morning:
Instead of checking your smartphone first thing in the morning wake up and stretch, open a window, breath in the cool morning air, listen to the birds outside and think of 3 things in your life that make you truly blessed, happy and grateful (if you do not like birds, keep the windows closed ;). Try to carry this positive feeling throughout the day. Should a negative thought take over again, just tell yourself to stop and remember the morning ritual with all the great stuff you have in your life.

Yes we know, we can’t end the wars around the world, or feed hungry people with this, but we can have a better attitude, that hopefully multiplies to each and every person. Rather than being constantly unhappy we can start to be grateful for what we take for granted.


Nope, we’re not trying to sell you cotton candy and rainbows, but we must stop waiting for somebody else to do something when we all can be a part of a more happy life. Stop waiting and wishing and start doing. Not easy, but oh honey it’s so worth it. At one point you will realize that you can even be grateful for the not so fun stuff in your life, because we tend to work only when the shit hits the fan, when it get’s uncomfortable. Again, not easy but hey, no mud no lotus right? To be grateful is a step into a more satisfied life, because gratitude is really the best attitude. It’s a very comfortable feeling inside your heart, that sinks into your belly. It gives your life a different spin and outlook, it de-stresses and simply puts things in a different perspective. Always? Almost always.
If the negative things takes over too much in your mind, just come to a yoga class, because yoga has the power to get you into a neutral state of mind, so you can take the right decisions.