Gayatri Mantra (donation-based)

with Karin Circelli-Zemp

108 Rounds of Gayatri Mantra for Australia

We are all part of the problem, but we can also be a part of the solution. Join us for a short asana practice to then sit and chant 108 rounds of Gayatri Mantra together. Don’t worry, we’ll give you a quick intro, also you don’t need to be a professional singer, or even know the mantra. (We’ll have handouts)

All the collected money will be donated to an Australian organization to help the victims of the bush fires. You are never too small to make an impact. #togetherwearebetter


Sunday, 19th January 2019

9:30-10:45 am

No pre-registration needed – all levels welcome


Min. CHF 10.- (donation-based)

Yogaholics United, Heinrichstrasse 267, 8005 Zürich


Karin Circelli-Zemp

Karin Circelli-Zemp journey of Yoga teaching started over 10 year ago. Her attention to detail derives from her own struggle and injuries she suffered when she started practicing yoga. Attention to detail and an ability to read people’s body is her strength. Her spontaneous and natural ability to explain the way to move, breath or sense things will help you to further develop your practice, not only on a physical but also on a mental level. Knowing that Asana is just a small part of yoga, she continuous studying and immersing herself in the Tantric Hatha Yoga philosophy and practices to become of better service for her students. After years of searching for a teacher to guide her deeper into these practices she finally found Octavio Salvado and his teacher Yogarupa Rod Stryker, who continues to inspire and guide her through the yoga journey.  “The world is your yoga mat”