Hatha Moon, Sun & Fire


“The nature of our true selves is to thrive. We simply have to remove the dust so that we can remember.“ O. Salvado

Traditional Tantra Hatha Yoga is the science of mastering your energy in order to expand and thrive in life.The classes are build in the tradition of vinyasa krama using dynamic and static asanas, bandhas, mudras, pranayama, and kriya meditation. Dare to slow down and do the work in order to step into your full power. The morning classes (Hatha Sun) are more energising and the evening classes (Hatha Moon) more calming down.

The class duration is 60 min in the morning and 90 min in the evening. Hatha Sun is practiced at 28-30°C - Hatha Moon in regular temperature.

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10 Tage Yoga für CHF 75.-

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