"I dress to kill, but tastefully." - Freddie Mercury


We spent a lot of time to find the right products for you  & your yoga practice. The right pants or tops for your yoga class are important as you want to fully concentrate on yourself rather than on how your gear is sitting. Yoga mats and towels can be either purchased or rented at our studio. If you are looking for a special gift for yourself or a beloved person check the possibility for vouchers and or some bling stuff we sell in our shop too.

Violet Gray
Mantra Band
Dharma Bums Yoga Activewear

Soap-Partner Dr. Bronner’s:

We place a high value on sustainability. We offer you a sensuous showering experience – without chemicals. Enjoy Dr. Bronner’s pure, fair trade bio-soap enriched with biological raw sugar and essential oils. Sheer delight for skin and senses! You can test it under the shower after class and then buy some at our shop to enjoy at home.

Dr. Bronner's