Benefits of heated Yoga Classes

"The greatest wealth is Health." - unknown


What are the benefits of practicing yoga in the heat?

      • Fat cells are burned more efficiently, often helping to lose weight and reshape the body
      • Increases your range of motion through heated muscles ligaments and joints. With more flexibility, it is possible to work deeper into the postures with a reduced risk of injury
      • Dilates your smallest capillaries in your body, helping to deliver oxygen and nutrients more efficiently through the body systems while flushing your tissues of toxins
      • Improves your metabolism by helping to break down glucose and fatty acids more efficiently
      • Stimulates your cardiovascular system
      • Boosts and strengthens your body’s immune system
      • The challenge of the heat creates an opportunity to exercise your patience, self-control, willpower, concentration and determination
      • Improves your circulation, especially to peripheral areas and the extremities
      • Detoxifies your body by the heat induced sweating process


At first it seems impossible to mention Hot Yoga and sustainability in the same sentence. But actually it isn’t! We invested a lot of time to research and to figure out the best solution for creating a pleasant and optimally heated room, while not forgetting about sustainability.

Environmental protection and a healthy practice are key issues at Yogaholics United. Our two yoga rooms are optimally ventilated. When designing our heated room (hot room) we put great emphasis to the best possible way of energy recovery as well as to the use of a heat pump for CO2-free reheating.

The heat pump convinced us with its efficiency of 3,5. This means, that we gain 3.5-kilowatt thermal energy from 1-kilowatt electrical energy. In order to retain the produced heat as long as possible, we isolated the walls, ceilings and floors in the heated room more than twice as thick as it is usually done for new buildings. This allows us to report the very low U-Value (heat transition coefficient) of 0.3 W / m2K.

Additionally we choose an efficient ventilation system with high heat recovery (90% (!)).

This ventilation system guarantees, that the oxygen level (ppm level) is sufficient at any time and won’t exceed the 1400 mark – no matter how many people are practicing yoga in the room at the same time. In order to keep the room free from drafts and to achieve a consistent heat distribution we use a heating ceiling consisting of customized elements.

Our heating and ventilation system is a technical masterpiece. The 100m2-heated room has an energy requirement of only 8kW. Compared to other Hot Yoga studios the heat consumption is unequaled low. In relation to the total size of the studio (300m2) the average energy requirement is 26W/m2. To get an idea what this means: In conventional thermally insulated houses the average value is about 50-70W/m2.

We are proud of our leading position in the yoga world due to our high-quality energy concept.

Happy sweating – cuz it works!