Be here now

My yoga mat seems to be a different universe every time I step on it. Sometimes it’s the best ever. Postures are easy and smooth, my breath flows like a river and really nothing can steal my peace. Other times it feels like I’ve never done yoga in my whole life before – my head is spinning, it’s hard, I can’t find my breath (or pelvic floor for that matter), I can’t focus and the balance just went out of the window too.

The struggle is real and the head gets so much in the way, that we start contemplating why we even stepped on our yoga mat…
This exact moment can be super powerful. It’s a chance to drop our ego on the floor where it belongs. When hell is slowly raising in your mind (nowhere else really but in your mind) that’s your chance to try something different than you usually do. Instead of just giving up, you can learn how to rest. Instead of playing a mind game, you can focus on your breath, rather than giving into that shitty self talk – you can choose to listen for more cues during class to be in the present moment to: “BE HERE NOW”.

It’s not the yoga or the universe on your mat that is changing, it’s YOU changing all the time. Yoga “just” tries to keep you in balance on your wild quest called life. Yoga believes in you – no matter what. Yoga is a very powerful tool, but it only works if you show up to do your work, what ever it is at any given moment. Sometimes it’s just a good sweat to get your systems back on track, other days it’s a stretch for your mind that keeps you growing in a different direction and on the very crazy days it’s all together. But as always it’s your choice. “Change is inevitable growth is optional.”