Life shapes us in many ways by either pushing and dragging us or making things still and not moving at all. When all seems to happen at once we sometimes forget that we can play an active role to balance it all out.

Balance is a big word that means different things on many levels for even more people.

One of my first yoga teachers used to say: “Too good – is no good” – and almost 10 years later it got me thinking again… What is balance? Does it mean neutral, or even boring? Does it mean the same for everybody?

To be lazy or to rest – to live an adventurous life or to be constantly on the go looks pretty much alike from the outside – BUT it is not the same from the inside! One is nourishing you and one is depleting you after a while.
How do you find your balance?
There is not one solution for all of us. We all need to do our own work. So keep digging and searching, playing and analyzing. Who knows maybe we do need to see both sides, the extremes to find the balance.
No worries, life is life (nanananana…) and it keeps spinning and sometimes spitting right into your face to test your reaction. Can you stay in your center or are you thrown off very easily? It is not so much what is happening but about your reaction to what happened that keeps you either in or out of balance.

And yes, you guessed it right, yoga is a good companion on your journey. The waves continue coming, you just have to learn how to surf them. And sometimes what you want the least, is what you need the most… #yourwelcome