Ayurveda Therapy

"The greatest wealth is Health." - unknown


«ANYVEDA brings people back in touch with their bodies.»

Your body is always in the here and now. In this very moment lies the power of change. This consciousness generates the necessary energy to reach your full potential and to pursue your goals and dreams with full vigor. To be active in life and to discover every day with inspiration. We support you with the following therapy methods:

Holistic Ayurveda Nutrition and Health Consultation:

  • Dosha constitutional provision
  • Ayurvedic nutritional advice

Manual Therapie:

  • Garshana – vitalizing dry massage
  • Udvartana – vitalizing herbal-oil massage
  • Abhyanga – constitutional full body oil massage
  • Padabhyanga – ayurvedic foot massage
  • Mukhabhyanga – ayurvedic head and face massage
  • Kalari – dynamic south Indian sport massage.
  • Pristhabhyanga – ayurvedic back massage

You can find more information at: www.anyveda.ch


#Anyveda Team

Annina Trottmann:

From an early age I was interested in the topics of sports & nutrition and their direct connection to the development of both healing and disease. So I decided to study sports science at the University of Basel. A few detours and coincidences later I came into contact with Ayurveda and the individual theory of constitution which answered many of my lifelong questions! Fascinated by the extent of this lived science science and how holistic and individual work can be done in this field, I decided to study Ayurveda medicine with a subsequent higher professional examination (federal diploma) at the HPS Lucerne.

Besides ANYVEDA I work as an Ayurveda therapist in JIVITA, the innovative complementary medicine centre in the Privatklinik Bethanien.

Yvonne Boos:

Through my study trips to India I came into contact with the Far Eastern concept of health. The holistic approach inspired me and from then on I never let go. Through Ayurveda I found a wonderful, fine method to keep my own satisfaction and the closeness to nature. Through my training as a complementary therapist with a federal diploma, I am convinced that Ayurveda can provide many solutions for the challenges of our modern times.

Besides ANYVEDA I work as an Ayurveda therapist in JIVITA, the innovative complementary medicine centre in the Privatklinik Bethanien.



140 CHF/ hour

120 CHF/ hour for students/apprentices until their 25th birthday

Payment in Cash or TWINT


Therapies are always on Wednesday from 12:00am-21:30pm

Our manual treatments are EMR approved.

Gift voucher available on request.


Ayurveda is the perfect complement to the yoga lifestyle, ANYVEDA found a perfect home in the rooms of Yogaholics United. J

Yogaholics United does not book appointments or change existing appointments.