Ayurveda Therapy

"The greatest wealth is Health." - unknown


According to Ayurveda everybody’s soul is kind, free of pathogenicity, mindful and takes care of oneself and its surroundings. Influences from outside, wrong behavioural patterns and mindsets may cloud the mind, and consequently physical and psychological illnesses can occur.
In Ayurveda, everyone is their own and best doctor, because deep inside everybody knows what’s best for them. The Ayurveda expert is acting as an assistant and supports through constitutional diet, yoga and massages to find balance and clean up the soul.

We’re happy that Yogaholics United combines Ayurveda and Yoga in one place. We got a platform to transfer our theoretical knowledge into practise and find out more about the effects of this ancient wisdom in our modern world.

For more info: www.anyveda.ch



Yvonne Boos:

I first got in touch with Ayurveda about seven years ago. My aunt inspired me with her stories about this ancient wisdom. A retreat in Sri Lanka, many books and the first herbal course later, I knew I had to get deeper into Ayurveda science. Wirth a great hunger for knowledge, enthusiasm for cooking and thirst for experience I signed up for the course in complementary Ayurveda therapy at HPS (eidg. diploma).

Annina Trottmann:

I made some detours and with the help of some serendipities I came across Ayurveda. The method of individual constitutions gave me a lot of answers. I’m fascinated with the dimension of this science and the holistic health and individual therapies. I signed up for the course in Ayurveda medicine at HPS (eidg. diploma).

Our skills:

  • Garshana (vitalizing dry massage) 30min / 45 CHF
  • Udvartana (vitalizing herbal-oil massage) 30min / 60 CHF
  • Abhyanga (constitutional full body oil massage) 90min / 90 CHF
  • Padabhyanga (ayurvedic foot massage) 30min / 45 CHF
  • Mukhabhyanga (ayurvedic head and face massage) 30min / 30 CHF
  • Kalari (dynamic south Indian oil massage, sport massage) 90min / 90 CHF
  • Pristhabhyanga (ayurvedic back massage) 60min / 60 CHF
  • Constitution check  60 CHF
  • Ayurvedic nutritional advice 20 CHF (only after constitution check)


Therapies are always on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evening from 6pm

Not accepted yet  by ASCA/EMR.

Gift voucher available on request.

Yogaholics United does not book appointments or change existing appointments.